What is Preciosa and how does it differentiate to the Swarovski elements?


What is Preciosa?

Preciosa Crystal Is one of the most luxury brand names known throughout Europe and most other countries such as China and the USA for its precision-cut lead crystal. 

The brand was established in April 1948 in Czech Republic using its own faceting, and being the oldest company in the world for the crystal market. It is also very well known for its sparkling and diamonds effect chandeliers that to this day hangs in castles around the world. Preciosa’s tradition of glassmaking can be traced back nearly five centuries to 1548 in the Crystal Valley of Bohemia.



Preciosa Crystals are considered by many to be the brightest crystals produced and at a great cost too, saving you some extra pennies compare to the Austian Glass that is Swarovski. 

Preciosa Chandelier

What happened to Swarovski?

Swarovski made the decision towards the end of last year in 2020 to close their DIY loose crystals sector worldwide. Not only would this affect the Jewellery, arts and craft industry that have used the Austians beads and crystals for many years, but would have damaged hundreds of small business relying on the branded  products including possible closures of many businesses. As if Covid19 wasn't enough to try stay a float!! This of course affected us as a company and many others who are now deciding what to do next. As of October 2021, you will no longer be able to get hold of Swarovski DIY products and they will then become gold dust. All business that stocked these crystals will no longer be able to order from 1st July 2021. 

Is Preciosa as good as Swarovski?

Preciosa Crystals offer high quality components thriving from the creative ideas in the arts and craft world. Many people have preferred Preciosa over the years for its stunning brilliance, sparkle and shine. Even better news, its cheaper. The Preciosa Components division offers an assortment of more than 36,000 premium, responsibly sourced fashion and fine jewelry stones to an extensive portfolio of fashion brands and designers.

Can you tell the difference? 

If you were a glass manufacture, then you would most probably tell a difference  but the quality of the crystal that is Preciosa is very difficult to tell any difference between the two Brands. in fact, we tried this ourselves and although the photos do not do the crystals justice for either brand, the difference is almost impossible to tell. see for yourself here

Could you guess which is is which? Preciosa is all left. Both sparkled the same and different angles allowed the crystals to glisten individually. 

What range do Preciosa have and colours?

Preciosa offer almost the same colours, shapes and components as Swarovski. If you are not sure, or can not find the colour/shape/component you require, Contact us and we will see what Preciosa offer as a match or an alternative. 

We have already sold to some customers and they have already agreed that the difference in both brands are really hard to tell.