If you are an existing customer of Beads & Crystals signing into the new site for the first time you'll need to reset your password. This is very straight forward.

Go To

  1. 'My Account'
  2. Enter your normal Beads & Crystal login Email address.
  3. Select 'Lost Password? Recover Password'
See pic below for more help.

    On you first sign in to new account please check all your personal details as there have been some issues with migrating personal information.

    If you are unable to sign in; either create a new account, email (sales@beadsandcrystals.co.uk) us or phone (+44   01926 88 99 66).
    Sorry for any inconvenience this will cause. .

    Order history from old website cannot be migrated to the new site but if you would like back-order information to help you with make a new order please let us know and we'll send you copies of previous orders.

    Please send us any comments you have about the new site,
    we hope you like the new features.